Argentina Includes Lactose-Free Food Category

Lactose Free Milk Nuts Coconut Almond

Argentine includes lactose-free food category and modifies the definition of low level lactose Food.

The Chamber of Dairy Industries (CIL) requested the modification of Article 1372 ‘Foods Low and Reduced in Lactose’, and inclusion of Article 1372 bis ‘Foods Without Lactose’ to the Argentine Food Code (CAA).

Over the years technology has allowed for the development of a greater reduction of lactose content in foods, in some food products to an almost total reduction.

On the other hand, there is a greater demand for lactose-free foods, due to the greater knowledge of consumers about the effect of lactose in intolerant people.

These types of foods are specially designed to eliminate or reduce lactose content, making them suitable for consumers consumption who live with diseases/conditions that means they need to limit lactose consumption.

The Sanitary Authority replaces Article 1372 of the Argentine Code Food with the indication ‘Reduced in Lactose’ or ‘Low in Lactose’, establishing limits of percentage (%) contents, respectively, and also incorporates Article 1372 bis defining ‘Lactose Free Foods’.

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