Preparing for the Launch of a Hand Sanitizer during the COVID-19 Pandemic

How We Helped a large MNC speed up the launch of a new product as hand sanitizers

With increasing consumer demand for hand sanitizers as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic, manufacturers are looking for guidance on securing approval of on-pack claims. In response, regulators enacted temporary policies to bolster the availability of alcohol-based sanitizer, but are not willing to sacrifice consumer safety. Sanitizers marketed with unapproved claims face regulatory scrutiny.


During the outbreak, a sizeable multi-national corporation specializing in household cleaners approached RegASK in anticipation of a new product launch. The client wished to understand the global regulatory requirements for approval of a claim reading: “kills 99% of germs.”


RegASK worked quickly to analyze the differences in regulatory requirements across US, EU and Asia. Regulatory experts leveraged proprietary digital technology to identify the correct product classification for  each market, determining whether OTC, biocide, or medical device was more appropriate, depending on the differing national and regional definitions


RegASK’s solutions provided the client comprehensive insight into the regulatory differences between the chosen markets, ensuring the success of the  product launches in each region. The findings gave the client the necessary confidence to move forward with registration.

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Navigate complex regulatory terrain even when the map keeps changing.

Our team of regulatory experts leverages artificial intelligence technology to provide.

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RegASK has local intel in more than 60 countries around the world with deep domain expertise in functional foods and dietary supplements.

In emerging markets, where regulations are fast evolving and sometimes subject to interpretation, our experts help you understand and navigate the laws. 

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