Indonesia Publishes Official List of Goods Required to Have Mandatory Halal Certification

Halal Food Meatball Noodle Bowl And Sauce

On 2 July 2021, the Ministry of Religious Affairs released a List of Goods (including food, food additives, cosmetics and medical devices) that are required to be mandatory halal certified. Goods that are not included in this list can also apply to be certified as halal voluntarily.

Food additives classified into Category 17 includes, antifoaming, anticaking, antioxidant, emulsifying salt, humectant, glazing agent, sweetener, carrier, gelling agent, foaming agent, acidity regulator, preservative, raising agent, emulsifier agent, thickener, firming agent, flavour enhancer, bulking agent, stabilizer, colour retention agent, flour treatment agent, colour, and sequestrant.

When this Decree comes into force it will revoke and replace the Decree of Minister of Religious Affairs Number 464 of 2020 concerning Types of Products Mandatory to be Halal Certified. This regulation will come into force 6 months from the date of stipulation.

Comments from WTO member countries are required to be submitted before 2 September 2021. Get in touch with RegASK’s experts.


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