UK Updated the Nutrition Labelling Composition and Standards Provisional Common Framework Paper

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DHSC published an update to the Nutrition Labelling Composition and Standards Provisional Common Framework Paper, this paper responds to direct EU nutrition-related legislation taken into UK domestic legislation under the Withdrawl Agreement post-Brexit.
The submitted requests in the linked spreadsheet detail changes that have been asked to be made to withdraw legislation regarding the alignment of UK legislation with EU, or in some cases divergence away from EU legislation.
Under Part D of the Nutrition, Labelling, Composition and Standards (NLCS) provisional common framework, interested parties may submit applications to Great Britain (GB) authorities regarding applications for new nutrition or health claims (Appendix V); requests to modify registers, lists, and schedules (Appendix VI); and other policy proposals within the scope of the framework.
The proposed changes include details of new health claim applications and reviews of new EU health claim applications which have been submitted post-Brexit, there are also suggested changes to Regulations such as The UK’s Nutrition (Amendment etc.) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (SI 2019/651) as Amended, in order to align some vitamin and minerals units of measurements which now differ from that from the EU’s.
For example, Zinc in EU legislation is required to be listed in nutrition labelling as Zinc (mg) whereas in UK legislation the specified unit of measurement for Zinc is now (μg), this has caused some divergence and issues with the labelling of vitamins and minerals on fortified foods and food supplements.
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