Market Entry to Mexico for a Health Product

Post Market Entry To Mexico For A Health Product


Demand: Evaluating the Likelihood of Product Certification in the Mexican Market

A large Chinese health-products company sought expansion into the Mexican market. The company requested RegASK’s assistance in determining the feasibility of gaining market entry into Mexico.

Research: Formula Feasibility

First, we conducted formulation and label reviews to identify whether the existing formulations would be met with approval.

When we discovered formulation changes would be required, we leveraged our regulatory experts, who have a comprehensive understanding of the Mexican market, to give suggestions for formula modifications.

Outcome: A Clear Understanding of Market Entry Criteria

The classification standards and certification processes for foods and medicines in different countries can vary dramatically.

Without the assistance of local experts this process can become time consuming.

RegASK aided the client in understanding the entry criteria for the Mexican market, while also providing an implementation plan for market entry.

The client entered the market successfully.



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