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regtech platform.

RegASK is a regtech solution to the increasing complexity of the regulatory environments in consumer products.

We combine our deep expertise in regulatory affairs with technology solutions to deliver results to our clients in a seamless manner through one platform.

RegASK serves clients in the food & beverage, personal care, cosmetic, and medical device industries.

We Deliver

We combine our digital technology platform with our consulting excellency to provide a streamlined, straight-forward approach to regulatory affairs.


Our platform uses natural language processing to quickly scan regulations and provide answers to straight-forward compliance questions.


Analysis of what you need to get your product in a new, high opportunity market anywhere in the world.


Helping you through the process to present your claims to local authorities.


Label assessments against regulatory standards in any market around the world.


Evaluate the active and inactive ingredients in your product to determine compliance in any global market.


Effective product registration for your brand and notification tracking following your business-specific needs

Recently Asked Questions

These are a few of the latest requests from our clients.

What are the regulations relevant to the import of sports formula in New Zealand?

What are the importation requirements for Chinese medicinal supplements in Mexico?

Is it possible to import genetically modified feed additive to Belarus?

What are the registration requirements for a portable medical device in Vietnam?

Our Expert Network

Be connected whenever you need with our network of regulatory experts to access local insights and obtain specific intel on local regulations. Our ever-expanding network spans more than 24 countries and is here to bring extra support for complex projects that require you to make informed decisions.

Latest Insights

Cannabis Cream of formula CBD cannabidiol. Business Marijuana Leaves Cannabis Cream Stock Success Market Price Arrow Up Profit Growth Charts Graph Display Screen Up Industry Trend Grow Higher Quickly

As kombucha’s popularity intensifies, so too does the discussion regarding the need to reassess regulations governing the production/sale of the fermented beverage. The question is, how are your products going to be regulated in the future?

Given the evolving nature of CBD regulations internationally, we’ve decided to sift through the regulatory landscape of six markets to formulate a clear, concise, synopsis of existing legislation by country. We’ll tell you what it means for producers in each location.

Cosmetic Brushes And Explosion Colorful Powders. Close Up Of Makeup Soft Blush Brushes Releasing Cloud Of Violet And Pink Powder Splash On Black Background. Makeup Tools. High Quality Image.

The proposed Natural Cosmetics Act has the potential to shake-up how personal care products are regulated. In this article, we detail the potential regulatory ramifications of the bill.


Due to the rising popularity of buying cosmetics online, it’s essential for many RegASK customers to utilize e-commerce as a primary sales channel. The question is, once you have a cosmetic ready to sell, how do you ensure that it remains compliant on the platform you choose to engage?

Have a compliance or regulatory inquiry? Use our digital platform to submit your question.


RegASK is a regtech solution to the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance. RegASK serves clients in the food & beverage, personal care, cosmetic, and medical device industries.

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