Regask Leadership Team 2021

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Leadership Caroline Shleifer

Caroline Shleifer

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline Shleifer is an accomplished innovation leader with a broad scientific knowledge base and the ability to identify high potential scientific solutions to meet consumer and commercial requirements. Before coming to RegASK, Caroline was the Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs APAC for RegASK’s parent company, SPRIM.
Caroline worked on wide range of scientific and regulatory projects
in the U.S., China and APAC region. She is fluent in French, Spanish and English.
Caroline Shleifer holds a PharmD-PhD on Medical Physics from the University of Paris V, France

Leadership Ivan Jarry

Ivan Jarry


Since 2001, Ivan has consulted for some of the top companies in human health, leading global oversight of SPRIM and international engagements.

Ivan has opened and managed offices in multiple countries. Ivan also Co-Founded SPRIM Ventures in 2015, as well as multiple start-ups in med-tech, sitting on the board of several. Prior to joining SPRIM, Ivan founded UrbanPass (now Siteo), a French media property and publication venture which produced content for 180,000 monthly subscribers Ivan holds a MBM from the EDHEC Business School in Paris.

Leadership Alessandro Granata

Alessandro Granata

Chief Technical Officer

Alessandro has over 25 years of experience leading IT teams, most of which was acquired in the regulatory affairs industry.

Alessandro has deep technical expertise with architecture of SaaS and Cloud based platforms and products, Big Data, Analytics solutions, AI, NLP, and Machine Learning technologies.

Leadership Isabelle Caelen

Isabelle Caelen

Head of Regulatory

Isabelle has over 20 years of international Regulatory experience heading regional regulatory affairs for a leading FMCG MNC, where she also held prominent positions in the product and technical committees.

Isabelle hold a PHD in Biotechnologies from the university of Zurich, and a masters degree from the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

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