Mexico Official Journal on the ban on Trans Fat

Food With Trans Fat Fop Labelling

On 20 September, the new provision of the General Health Law that restrict trans fats entered into force. It is worth recalling that this article establishes the following:

“Edible oils and fats, as well as food and non-alcoholic beverages, shall not contain in their presentation for sale to the public partially hydrogenated oils, known as trans fats, which have been added during their industrial manufacturing process. Foods, non-alcoholic beverages, oils and fats shall not exceed two parts of industrially produced trans-fatty acids per 100 parts of total fatty acids”. Based on this, ultra-processed products such as donuts, chocolates, frozen pizzas, and others must no longer contain trans fats. This measure aims to prevent severe and deadly brain and heart conditions in consumers.

According to local media, the food industry argues that implementing this restriction is confusing and may lead to legal challenges. The industry also claims that it is impossible to remove all products containing trans fats from shelves within the given timeframe. Legal representatives are demanding clarification from COFEPRIS on how to achieve the reduction of trans fats in their products.

Local NGOs strongly support this measure, stating that the article is clear and the food industry must comply with this policy.

Despite potential legal challenges, Mexico will follow the World Health Organization’s recommendation to eliminate trans fats.

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