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RegASK started as a team of regulatory strategy experts for our parent company, SPRIM, a life-sciences consulting agency. As the regulations grew more complex, our team recognized the arduous, often slow and expensive process to find accurate answers to regulatory inquiries. This was the genesis of RegASK –a digital platform that does the research for us.

With the emergence of technologies like Natural Language Processing and Semantic Graph Engine, we realized we could leverage technology to automatically scroll the regulations, reducing the time and cost for regulatory affairs.

In 2018, we received venture capital funding and started developing our platform.

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Our team stretches across continents with expertise, not only in regulatory affairs, but also in business strategy, innovation and project management.  Our experience expands through decades with a firm pulse on the always-changing regulatory landscapes, and their impact on product development strategies.

Ivan Jarry


Caroline Shleifer, Ph.d.

Global director

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Brian Pollack

Technology & INNOVATION

Eliana D’Angelo

Global Operations

Jessica Avila

Regulatory Manager
Stop spending hours on regulatory research when a computer can do the work.


RegASK is a regtech solution to the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance. RegASK serves clients in the food & beverage, personal care, cosmetic, and medical device industries.

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