Case Studies

An American international beverage company needed to introduce five products featuring specific health claims into Japan’s market & A global confectionary company needed to obtain a Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU) approval for a product they were planning to launch in Japan.

A large ingredient manufacturer, headquartered in Japan, came to RegASK with a need to anticipate regulatory changes around the globe, especially in developing regions

Large cosmetic company wanted to expand its footprint, specifically into the top 10 skin care markets around the globe. The company needed to understand the feasibility of expanding into each market with its current formulations and design a geo-expansion strategy for implementation.

A leading nutraceutical supplement brand was looking to understand the feasibility of expanding its premium hair-growth brand across Latin America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

RegASK was engaged to execute a comprehensive regulatory analysis across 17 markets to inform a geographic-expansion strategy.

A top yogurt brand recognized the need to differentiate their probiotic-rich product from competition. The client tasked RegASK with determining how to become the first yogurt product with an on-pack health claim regarding improved digestion.

A large Chinese health-products company sought expansion into the Mexican market. They requested RegASK’s assistance in determining the feasibility of gaining market entry into Mexico.


RegASK is a regtech solution to the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance. RegASK serves clients in the food & beverage, personal care, cosmetic, and medical device industries.

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