Recycled Plastic for Food: the New Rules from 10th October 2022

Sandwich Inside Plastic Food Package
The European Commission has adopted new rules on the safety of recycled materials and plastic objects intended to come into contact with food.
The EU Regulation no. 2022/1616 has been published on the Official Gazette of the European Union no. L 243 on 20th September 2022. It aims to ensure that recycled plastic can be used safely in food packaging.
In particular, the new regulation, which repeals and replaces the regulation (EC) n. 282/2008, regulates:
  • The introduction of plastic materials and plastic objects on the market and plastic objects from waste or buildings starting from them;
  • The development and operation of technologies, processes and recycling systems (including chemical recycling), to produce recycled plastic matter to be used in these materials and plastic objects;
  • The use in contact with food products of recycled materials and objects and materials and plastic objects destined to be recycled.
The new regulation, in force from 10th October 2022, also provides for the institution of a public register of the recycling processes, of the recyclers and of the recycling plants within its field of application.
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