FSA Issues Final Call for CBD Products to be Added to the Public List

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On 21 April 2022, the FSA issued a final call for evidence linking products to applications on the public list.
The CBD (Cannabidiol) public list shows which products have a credible novel foods application for authorization with the FSA. CBD Businesses have until 26 May 2022 to submit evidence that their products are linked to a credible application and were on the market before February 2020.
Currently, only CBD food products that meet the following criteria can be added to the public list:
  • if they were on the market at the time of the announcement on CBD 13 February 2020,
  • if the FSA received an authorization application for the products by 31 March 2021,
  • if the FSA validated the application or agreed that it is sufficiently progressing towards validation.
The FSA is continuing to accept CBD novel food applications, but products connected to these applications should not be put on sale until they have completed the process and secured authorization. Currently, no CBD products have been authorized for sale in the UK, and validated applications will now move on to a full scientific risk assessment.
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