UK Seeks Public Comments on Process for Authorizing Edible Insect Products

Uk Seeks Public Comments On Process For Authorizing Edible Insect Products
After Brexit, edible insect products will need to pass through the full authorisation process in Great Britain to remain on the market. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) plans to allow these products to remain on the market while they go through the Novel Foods authorisation process.
The FSA stated that the transitional provision continues to apply in the UK. For the next step, the FSA plans to bring forward the necessary legal changes as soon as possible. They also encourage businesses to leave their comments and the support they need through the process.
Meantime, the FSA and FSS conducted a generalised risk assessment on edible insect products. It found that the safety risks associated with edible insect products are low, as long as appropriate measures are provided in place.
The FSA research shows that consumers in the UK have an increased interest and demand for healthy, sustainable diets, with a focus on meat alternatives, and that over one quarter (26%) of UK consumers would be willing to try eating edible insects – with environmental concerns or sustainability the most common reasons.
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