EU Sets Date for Complete Removal of Titanium Dioxide Containing Products off the EU Market

Olives Can And Vegetable Soup Can

Key Event Summary

Regulation (EU) No.2022/63 has now been adopted by the EU to ban the use of the food additive colour Titanium Dioxide (E171) in foods.


As the EU did not identify immediate health concerns, then a smooth transition period has been granted for the food industry. This now means that foods produced before 7 February 2022 may continue to be placed on the market until 7 August 2022. After this date, they may remain on the market until their date of minimum durability or ‘use by’ date.

Industry Reaction

Many food companies are now in a race to reformulate and a lot of the EU food industry have raised concerns about the risk assessment of the food additive, as it would now seem that the additive is stricter regulated in food than it is now in medicine which is pretty unheard of. Naturally, medicinal products are more tightly regulated than foods.


The regulation is due to come into effect on 7 February 2022.

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