UK Considers EU’s Ban on Titanium Dioxide

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Key Event Summary

Due to the UK leaving the EU, the UK is no longer bound by EU law, therefore the UK is currently in the process of making its own assessment of the now banned in the EU- food additive: Titanium Dioxide. In the UK, the situation is being reviewed by independent scientific advisory committees: COM- Committee of Mutagenicity of Chemicals in Food, Consumer Products, and the Environment) Along with COT- Committee of Toxicology. An interim paper has been published in which it states that members of both the Committees did not appear to agree with the conclusions drawn from EFSA on the safety of Titanium Dioxide.


Titanium Dioxide will be banned from use in food from 7 February 2022, in which food made before this date can be placed on the EU market for sale until 7 August 2022.

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Industry Reaction

The UK’s food industry is keen for the Committee experts to review all the available scientific data with an open mind, there are concerns that if the UK decides not to ban the food additive there may be issues with importing food into European that contains the additive which is in a good number of foods in the UK, causing more cross-border issues between the UK and EU.


The UK’s Food Standards Agency has now launched its own safety review as to whether the UK will still continue to use Titanium Dioxide in food.

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