French Food Agency Releases Scientific Nutrition Advice To Avoid Gain Weight

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On May 29, 2024, the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES) released crucial nutrition advice focusing on the temporal distribution of food intake. Discover their expert recommendations to help manage weight effectively.

From Breakfast to Dinner: How Should Food Intake Be Distributed Throughout the Day?

In continuation of its work on dietary guidelines under the National Nutrition Health Program (PNNS), ANSES delved into the health impacts of the distribution of food intake throughout the day. They also explored the risks associated with children skipping breakfast.

Light Dinner at Least Two Hours Before Bed

ANSES reviewed scientific literature on chrononutrition, covering biological mechanisms and epidemiological relationships, and found a lack of robust studies in this area. Available data suggest a link between high evening energy intake and increased obesity risk. ANSES recommends having a light dinner and eating it at least two hours before bedtime.

School Breakfast Distribution: Risks and No Proven Benefits

ANSES examined the effects of providing breakfasts to children in certain priority education networks. Findings showed:

  • Weekday Breakfast Habits: Only 6% of children skip breakfast.
  • Health Risks: An additional breakfast might increase the risk of overweight and obesity, especially with sugary foods.
  • Lack of Evidence: No scientific proof links skipping breakfast with overweight, obesity, or cognitive decline.
  • Morning Appetite: Poor morning appetite might result from a heavy or late dinner or insufficient sleep.

ANSES concluded that skipping breakfast should not automatically lead to compensation but should prompt a review of the child’s overall hygiene and living conditions, which may impact their health, particularly concerning obesity.

Read the full report and integrate these insights into your daily routine

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