RegASK Launches RegGenius: The AI-Driven Co-Pilot to Help Organizations Manage the Evolving Regulatory Landscape

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RegGenius – New suite of AI capabilities delivers tailored and actionable insights and streamlines workflows to help organizations drive regulatory strategy 

SINGAPORE and NEW YORK, May 29, 2024RegASK, the global, AI-driven solution for curated regulatory intelligence, today announced RegGenius, an AI-driven co-pilot designed to transform regulatory intelligence, now available within the RegASK platform. The comprehensive set of cutting-edge AI capabilities delivers workflow efficiencies and precise and actionable regulatory information tailored to the organization’s specific context. It makes it easier for regulatory affairs teams worldwide to stay on top of the shifting regulatory landscape.

“Today’s regulatory environment is more dynamic and complex than ever,” said Amenallah Reghimi, Chief Product and Technology Officer at RegASK. “Regulatory professionals face the daunting task of staying compliant and executing regulatory strategy while managing regulatory changes and an overwhelming amount of data, often scattered across the organization. RegGenius addresses this challenge with AI-driven capabilities that automatically put the regulatory information that matters most to these teams and their businesses at their fingertips.”

RegGenius is a regulatory affairs co-pilot that includes a variety of AI-driven capabilities catered to the unique needs of regulatory affairs professionals:

  •       A GenAI conversational co-pilot delivers immediate responses to specific regulatory questions, reducing the time it takes regulatory affairs professionals to research requirements.  Users can ask questions such as, “What are the clinical trial regulations in Europe?” or “What guidelines do I need to follow for quality control?” and the AI looks at the organization’s approved, validated regulatory data and curated content within RegASK and gives precise answers based on the organization’s unique business scope and context.
  •       AI-driven translation capabilities enable users to bridge language barriers when managing international regulations. Users can translate regulatory documents into foreign languages with the click of a button.
  •       Intelligent regulatory content creation and recommendations that make it easier for users to build regulatory content and stay ahead of changes. RegGenius will automatically generate the regulation’s title and summary, share actionable insight on steps the organization should take, and provide smart recommendations on the regulation’s business impact. If the regulation is in a foreign language, RegGenius will automatically translate the title, summary, and insights into the user’s native language.
  •       Augmented analytics that delivers deep insights into regulatory data and trends. RegGenius’ analytics maximize the value of organizations’ existing data, enhance decision-making, and simplify stakeholder reporting.

At the heart of RegGenius is its ability to use retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) to tailor information to an organization’s specific context while keeping the organization’s information private. This capability to deliver context-aware information makes RegGenius a unique asset compared to AI tools that deliver answers based on general information. RegGenius’ advanced machine learning models are trained on diverse sets of validated regulatory data, ensuring its insights are accurate and highly relevant to the user’s business scope.

“RegGenius is not just a suite of tools. It’s an intelligent partner that empowers regulatory affairs teams with active knowledge and information to be more proactive, confident, and strategic across regulatory compliance. This ultimately unlocks a competitive edge and growth opportunities for the organization,” added Caroline Shleifer, CEO of RegASK. 

RegGenius is now available within the RegASK platform and is part of the company’s commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology to solve real-world problems in regulatory compliance and intelligence.

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