Horizon Scanning Compliance Dashboard With Regask

Monitor the Future with RegINSIGHT

 Augmented by AI

Monitor regulatory trends and anticipate the risks of non-compliance with RegINSIGHT

  • Because new regulations could result in your company not being compliant or missing an opportunity in a key market;
  • Because missing some key topics about your industry or product could lead to misjudging key drivers behind trends;
  • Because key opinion and public perception about an industry, product or key ingredient are rapidly changing; or
  • Because the lack of data-driven surveillance could result in misunderstanding key market trends your industry or geography is facing.

By monitoring trends and getting regulatory insights with RegINSIGHT you will be able to:

  • get early signals of recent topics driving the highest interest from the major industry players;
  • identify the countries or regions where the signals are originating from and pinpoint who is disseminating the information;
  • anticipate regulatory changes;
  • understand key market trends to drive your business strategies and drastically lower your business risks

Identifying the trends among changes in regulations and analysing what is happening is key to prevent disruptions.

Data analysis supported by AI and machine learning will allow you to identify and monitor trends by collecting the relevant Insights and Trends Data, classifying and analysing them, anticipating company’s risk exposure and supporting go-to-market strategies.

What is RegINSIGHT?

What you get

What Is Horizon Scanning Compliance Dashboard

RegInsight augmented by AI analyze and classify the data collected through RegAlerts according to a specific scope that’s relevant to business queries and topics. The type of data collected includes:

  • Regulatory and legal insights (governmental institutions, legislative bodies, regulatory authorities)
  • Industry insights (regional and international standards organizations, industry associations)
  • News from publications and agencies

RegINSIGHT then consists in classifying and analyzing the collected data:

  • AI/Machine learning models will detect, aggregate, and classify the data collected, identifying, and breaking down relevant signals that may trigger regulatory changes in the mid-term future.

These steps finally lead to the Predictive Risk Scoring and Insights Identification with which you get:

  • a Trend analysis of regulatory changes for key topics based on RegAlerts
  • a review on Insights to detect relationships between regulatory changes across countries.

Use case: Enhance ESG compliance with RegINSIGHT – proven benefits

Horizon Scanning Compliance Through Regask

Companies of all sizes with higher ESG compliance benefit from increasing competitiveness and higher profitability. Adapting to environmental, governance and social changes, they make strategic decisions that make them more resilient to sudden disruptions and crises.

Key gains include for instance that ESG-compliant companies benefit from better and stronger government support, avoid unnecessary costs related to ESG non-compliance, attract quality talents, and maintain a high retention rate.

Enhancing ESG compliance with RegINSIGHT is a multi-step process:

Define your ESG Monitoring Scope and Scan

  • International, regional, national regulations
  • Cross-industry and industry specific regulations
  • Directives, regulations covering all dimensions of the ESG landscape
  • Legally and non-legally binding regulations
  • Regulations initiated by public, private, and public-private actors

Get Automated Monitoring and AI Curation

Extraction of all new page sections from web sources and curation using our own algorithm and relevancy classifier:

Horizon Scanning Compliance Ai Curation Light


web sources crawled for a month


 new pages found per month


pages processed


relevant pages

Final Curation of RegINSIGHT

Final review and curation by our global team of experts to carefully only highlight the subjects relevant to your business.

Fast turnaround. Expert Guidance. Cost efficient.

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