EU Places Restrictions on Dihydroxyacetone Use in Cosmetics

Moisturizer And Cream

Reminder: The European Commission (EC) published EC Regulation 2021/1099, amending the cosmetics regulation 1223/2009, which will come into force from 1 January 2022. It regulates the ingredient Dihydroxyacetone as follows, per type of final product:

  • Hair dye substance in non-oxidative hair dye products: maximum concentration of 6,25% in ready for use preparation
  • Self-tanning products: maximum concentration of 10% in ready for use preparation
  • Other products: Dihydroxyacetone is effectively banned

A short transition is provided for the entrance in force of such restrictions on Dihydroxyacetone:

  • From January 26th, 2022, products that do not comply with these restrictions should not be placed in the EU market
  • From April 22nd, 2022 products that do not comply with these restrictions should not be made available on the EU market

EC Regulation 2021/1099 arises from the conclusions of the SCCS (Scientific Committee on Consumer Safety) opinion SCCS/1612/19, adopted on 3-4 March 2020.

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