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What we do for our clients


Strategy & Expansion

Smart regulatory focused decision-making for your next commercial success.

Our team has worked with regulatory agencies across 140 countries. We leverage our vast network of regulatory experts to get accurate and on-time information so we can propose forward-looking strategies for market entry and product development. Specifically, we can assist you:

  • Regularly re-evaluate your strategy, particularly as you enter new product categories and markets
  • Identify and de-risk category expansion
  • Find opportunity markets with gap and match analysis
  • Assess new markets and develop a route-to-market plan

Market Expansion

Accelerate your time to market.

We have worked in and helped clients enter markets in 140 countries around the world. Our on-the-ground experts have local intel to help you understand the laws that govern your products. We have extraordinary expertise and a large network of regulatory experts in emerging markets, where regulations are often difficult to access and need translation.

  • New market assessment and providing a path-to-market
  • Dossier preparation and submission
  • Import/export guidance

Curated Regulatory Intelligence

Anticipate regulatory changes with intelligent monitoring and alerts.

Because regulations are a moving target, it is often challenging to stay ahead of the curve. Our technology, augmented by artificial intelligence, immediately alerts you to any anticipated update to a regulation anywhere in the world. We explicitly highlight how the regulation in focus is changing and what this means for your business and product compliance. We will:

  • Send notifications when a regulation changes or is likely to change
  • Outline what has changed about the law and how it impacts you
  • Provide advisory on steps to take to address a potential lapse in product compliance

Smart Compliance

Be confident that your product is always compliant.

For as long as your product is on the market, we ensure compliance with local regulations. Whether product development, portfolio repositioning, or maintaining registration, our team streamlines the compliance process.

  • Dossier submissions
  • Monitoring registration deadlines and renewal submissions
  • Label and formulation compliance
  • Compliance assessments for SKU-specific or non-SKU-specific products

Strategy & Expansion

For geographic and category expansion.
- Regulatory expertise for geo-expansion strategies

- Gap and match analysis to understand opportunity markets

- Category experts for product line expansion

Product & Lifecycle Management

Compliance due diligence for the life of your product, from ideation to registration and renewal.
- Compliance checks for product development (SKU or non-SKU specific)

- Dossier development and registration support

- Monitoring and submission of registration renewal

Regulatory Intelligence

Alerts for anticipated regulatory changes for proactive risk management
- Draft monitoring

- Expert local intelligence

- Automatic alerts for instant notifications

Rapid turnaround. Expert Guidance. Cost efficiency.