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Given the evolving nature of CBD regulations internationally, we’ve decided to sift through the regulatory landscape of six markets to formulate a clear, concise, synopsis of existing legislation by country. We’ll tell you what it means for producers in each location.


As kombucha’s popularity intensifies, so too does the discussion regarding the need to reassess regulations governing the production/sale of the fermented beverage.

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The proposed Natural Cosmetics Act has the potential to shake-up how personal care products are regulated. In this article, we detail the potential regulatory ramifications of the bill.


Current artificial intelligence implementations, such as smart bots, or assistive secretaries make use of deep learning: a computing method that leverages Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). ANNs are grounded on the same principles in which a brain receives, sorts and processes information, allowing these networks to evolve and learn – just as a brain does.


Conducting business globally is an essential piece to many business strategies. However, we often see clients fail to realize the depth of planning required for geo-expansion.

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Many governments and international bodies are creating policies, or amending regulation, to address food waste/loss. This article provides a breakdown of what countries around the world are doing to address the issue.


The creators of RegASK saw the emergence of RegTech as an opportunity in the consumer product goods industry. The founders of RegASK spent 20 years working as regulatory consultants for multinational companies. They realized the same technology that is working for the finance industry can reduce the arduous, manual labor involved in regulatory research for FMCG.


The world’s middle class is booming, and Asia is at the crux of it. This massive expansion gives way to an uptick in consumer spending –estimated to be at $28 trillion USD in 10 years –and much of that spending will occur in Asia. While western nations focus on rebuilding savings, Asian countries focus on domestic growth through investment and consumption.

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The need for safe medical devices is mounting. Estimates show that demand for such devices will increase 4.5% annually through 2030, with the United States being the largest market where current spending exceeds 180 billion USD annually.


Due to the rising popularity of buying cosmetics online, it’s essential for many RegASK customers to utilize e-commerce as a primary sales channel. The question is, once you have a cosmetic ready to sell, how do you ensure that it remains compliant on the platform you choose to engage?

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