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From identifying regulations to applying them to your product, being compliant is tricky.

RegASK can help you with these challenges

We leverage tech-enabled solutions to bolster companies’ regulatory competencies, ensuring you stay compliant and strategically position your products to capitalize on the evolving landscape.

From diligently monitoring the intricacies of ever-changing regulations to crafting a well-informed regulatory strategy, we’re here to help optimize your processes and provide a more straightforward path forward in the world of infant formula.

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How we can help you

Ensure your compliance in augmenting your team with 500+ global experts

From the R&D stage to when your infant formula product hits the shelves, we help you ensure your products’ compliance with local regulations. Ask RegASK, backed by a community of global experts, provides round-the-clock support for Infant Formula manufacturers.

We guarantee continuous alignment with local rules, supply vital assistance in handling submission documentation and regulatory strategy dialogues, alleviate regulatory compliance stresses, and extend all-inclusive backing throughout the regulatory process.

We’ve helped companies with the end-to-end regulatory processes throughout the product lifecycle, compliance, claims or ingredients assessments, and regulatory strategy.

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Master your end-to-end regulatory strategies

Enhance your expertise and widen your grasp of regulations impacting your Infant Formula business with self-service access to our specially curated content. Our resources stand as a prime reference for Infant Formula manufacturers navigating intricate regulatory architectures across diverse territories.

Benefit from access to digested and actionable regulatory overviews, synthesized compliance prerequisites, and streamlined directories and checklists of regulatory guidance documents, rules, and directives.

It facilitates teams in pinpointing and adapting to emergent regulatory trends efficiently, guaranteeing streamlined compliance and enlightened decision-making operations.

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Stay up to date with the latest regulations with our monitoring tool

Staying at the forefront of the constantly evolving regulatory environment is essential for Infant Formula producers.

Our AI-driven solution scans and continuously monitors the pertinent information sources (agencies, associations, news) to actively detect and track regulatory shifts ranging from draft regulations, published updates, news, to standards and guidelines.

It notifies your regulatory team any time a change could influence the commercial strategies of your infant formula product. This is engineered to equip you with actionable insights, bolstering your decision-making process. This ensures the products meet the latest standards.

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About RegASK

Human Expertise Augmented by AI

We combine AI technology with our global community of subject matter experts to support our clients from regulatory intelligence to execution. We aim to help you bring to market your Infant Formula products faster with the power of RegASK.


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You’re in good hands

Our team of dedicated regulatory professionals bring their specialized knowledge and years of industry experience to the table. They master the nuances of infant formula regulations, ensuring product compliance and understanding the evolving market demands.

Leadership Isabellecaelen

Isabelle Caelen
Head of Regulatory Affairs, Consumers Products

With 20 years at Nestle Infant Formula /a leading FMCG MNC and pivotal involvement in the globally recognized Codex Alimentarius Commission, Isabelle offers unmatched regulatory insights for Infant Formula. Her vast experience ensures product safety and adherence to global standards. With Isabelle leading our regulatory affairs, you’re guaranteed world-class expertise and dedication to excellence.


Exporting Infant Formula to the US: a step-by-step guide

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Team up with our AI-enabled regulatory platform and global network of local experts. Discover how RegASK can help you save resources, minimize compliance risks, and go to market faster.

Leadership Fabienne Jautard

Fabienne Jautard

Client Engagement Manager

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Leadership Kurt Stewart

Kurt Stewart

Senior Business Development Manager

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Which markets does RegASK cover?

RegASK offers global regulatory compliance services. We have expertise in regulations across North America, Europe, Asia, and all key markets.

RegASK’s AI technology immediately alerts you to any anticipated update to a regulation anywhere in the world and enables better foresight and trend detection. We explicitly highlight how the regulation in focus is changing and what this means for your business and product compliance.

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