How Anticipated Compliance Checks On Pet Food Labeling And Ingredient Formula Served A Successful Product Launch

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A large international company in the pet food industry was looking to expand its brand into the U.S. with the launch of a new pet food product.

In the U.S., the FDA regulates ingredients and product labels in the pet food industry at a federal level. Although pre-market approval is not typically required, manufacturers must ensure ingredient safety and label transparency to achieve total compliance.


What’s The Problem?

The client needed to anticipate pet food labeling and formula compliance

  • To prepare correct labels
  • To identify the non-compliant parts of their initial formula
  • And to be ready for market entry and registration


What We Did

RegASK utilized its smart compliance technology and leveraged its in-depth knowledge of country regulations

  • To conduct an assessment of the product’s ingredients and label
  • And develop a strategy for successful market entry


How Did It Do?

RegASK delivered a clear regulatory overview of pet food labeling and ingredient formula in less than a week

The client was able to discern non-compliant components of the product, received corrected labels, and expanded its brand into the U.S.



Our client wanted to launch a new product in the U.S. and needed support to anticipate pet food regulations compliance in this country. Although there is no pre-market approval by the US FDA, our client wanted to ensure the regulatory compliance of its labeling and formula before the launch. With its smart compliance technology, RegASK identified the non-compliant parts of the formula and provided the corrected pet food labeling in less than a week.

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