As regulations worldwide frequently change and grow more complex, regulatory research and monitoring becomes increasingly difficult. Our technology augments our 20+ years of experience in regulatory affairs, offering our clients end-to-end solutions in a faster, more affordable manner.

Our capabilities include:

      • Monitoring to anticipate upcoming changes to a regulation anywhere in the world
      • Reporting and analysis to inform clients about all regulations relevant to particular products
      • Indentifying opportunities for geo-expansion and assistance with market entry
      • Match and gap analysis to optimize strategies for when and where to go next

Market Entry

Launch a product in a new market:

  • Import/Export
  • Product Registration
  • Dossier Preparation


Compliance Checks

Know if a product is compliant:

  • SKU or non-SKU specific analysis
  • Category classification
  • Formulation and label reviews

Regulatory Monitoring

Anticipate regulatory changes:

  • Intel to forecast upcoming changes
  • Automatic alerts to stay in-the-know

Regulatory Strategy

Answer strategic decisions with regulatory mapping:

  • Where to expand and when
  • Optimal markets for expansion
  • Gap and match analysis


Recently Asked Questions

These are a few of the latest requests from our clients.

What are the mandatory labeling requirements for cheese products imported from the EU to South Korea?

What are the heavy trace metal and microbiological limits required for imported cosmetics in China?

What are the relevant regulations pertaining to the use of on-pack claims on infant formula products in India?

What are the importation requirements for cosmetic products from the U.S. to Singapore?


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Food & Beverages

Cosmetic shop

Cosmetics/Personal Care

Spirulina supplement pills spread on wooden board and bottle. Antioxidant nutrition.

Dietary Supplements

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Medical Devices

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