Major PFAS Update: Maine’s Law on “Forever Chemicals” Sees Significant Changes

Pfas Ban

The recent legislation eliminates the general notification requirement that was previously scheduled to take effect January 1, 2025. This legislation also created a number of new sales prohibitions for products with intentionally added PFAS with varying effective dates, created some specific exemptions to the prohibitions, and established a new reporting program for those product categories that receive a Currently Unavoidable Use (CUU) determination from the Department.

Key Highlights:

  • A legislative committee endorsed changes to Maine’s law regulating “forever chemicals” in products, moving the bill to the full House and Senate for consideration.
  • The Environment and Natural Resources Committee split 6-to-5 along party lines on the proposal to delay by two years — until 2032 — Maine’s ban on PFAS in most products.
  • Certain products like cosmetics, cookware, cleaning products, and menstruation products will face earlier restrictions starting in 2026 if they contain “intentionally added” PFAS.
  • Outdoor apparel using PFAS will need clear consumer disclosures starting in 2029.
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