Anticipating Shift in Regulatory Environment for Ingredient Manufacturer

Anticipating Changes

A large ingredient manufacturer, headquartered in Japan, came to RegASK with a need to anticipate regulatory changes around the globe, especially in developing regions.

Constant Monitoring

RegASK leveraged two solutions to pro-actively monitor and anticipate relevant regulatory changes across 20 countries:

1. RegASK tapped into its global network of regulatory experts to monitor countries with data sources not available online.

2. We simultaneously enabled our intelligence technology to monitor and analyse countries with online information and data to track changes. Automatic alerts were sent to our client both via email and through our RegASK platform, notifying the client immediately of any updates to a potential change in the regulation pertaining to their products.

Assured Compliance

Thanks to our regulatory experts on-the-ground in over 60 countries and our AI technology, our client constantly stays on top of regulatory changes critical for its business.

Countless alerts over the years have helped our clients to anticipate and pro-actively address regulatory changes resulting in greater product compliance around the globe and significant cost-savings.

Fast turnaround. Expert Guidance. Cost efficiency.

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