Forging Paths in New Markets for a Top Cosmetics Company

New Markets and Opportunities

A large cosmetic company wanted to expand its footprint, specifically into the top 10 skin care markets around the globe. The company needed to understand the feasibility of expanding into each market with its current formulations and design a geo-expansion strategy for implementation.

Employing RegASK Technology

Our team at RegASK leveraged two key offerings. First, we leveraged our technology to quickly determine the compliance of the product ingredients and label in each market.  Once we confirmed the markets in which their products were compliant, we tapped into our network of experts to develop a comprehensive path-to-market strategy in each market of interest.

cosmetic 3
Research Time Reduced by 30%

A process that often takes months –analyzing each product and each market –was reduced to weeks, allowing for a comprehensive regulatory strategy to be formed. Ultimately, RegASK designed a detailed geo-expansion plan, inclusive of reformulation clusters for markets in which their current formulas were not approved. The client successfully entered 6 key markets and plans to launch in the remaining 4 over the next year.

RegASK experts relieve regulatory headaches.​

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