China: Draft for New Health Food Raw Materials Including DHA

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On 20th Dec 2021, China State Administration for Market Regulation issued the draft of < List of health food raw materials nutrient supplements (2022 Edition) >, < Catalogue of health food raw materials protein> for the public hearing, the deadline is 19th Jan 2022. Products containing these ingredients can go through the filing process instead of the registration process.

Key points:

  • 6 raw materials were added to the list of health food raw materials: soy protein isolate, whey protein, DHA, casein phosphopeptide + calcium, calcium tetrahydrofolate and tetrahydrofolate, glucosamine.
  • The function of soy protein isolate, whey protein is to enhance immunity. Recommendations for daily intake, applicable group, as well as the requirement of those two protein sources are also described.
  • For other new added raw materials, the proposed regulation also defines the function, specification, target group, etc.

Overall this is positive news for the health food industry, especially for China domestic companies, products containing raw material on this positive list can go through the filing process which significantly saves time and cost compared with the previous registration process.

Overseas companies can only leverage this regulation for vitamins and minerals (casein phosphopeptide + calcium, calcium tetrahydrofolate, and tetrahydrofolate, glucosamine) as defined in China Food Safety Law.

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