China Releases “Draft of General Rules for Sports Nutrition Food”

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On 9 Aug 2021, the Chinese Institute of Food Science and Technology published a new draft on ‘General Rules of Sports Nutrition Food’.

Key points to note from the regulations are as follows:

  • Modified product classification: the draft divides sports nutrition food into six categories, namely energy supplements, energy control, protein supplements, speed & strength, endurance, and post-exercise recovery.
  • Adjusted the permitted fat content in protein supplement products: for powder products (need to be reconstituted for consumption), the fat content is adjusted from “≤6g/100g” to “≤10g/100g”; for the rest (other than solid and powder), the fat content is adjusted from “≤15g/100g” to “≤20g/100g”.
  • New labeling requirements: each product can only be labeled as one category.

Compared with GB 24154-2015, this draft has made many changes that may affect manufacturers in the sports nutrition food industry.

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