China to Further Regulate the Solid Beverage Products

Solid Beverage Sachet Water

On 7th Jan, China State Administration for Market Regulation issued the announcement to further regulate solid beverage products.


In 2019 and 2020, there were several cases in China of products using solid beverages as food for special medical purposes intended for babies. Solid beverage national food safety standard is very generic, the companies comply with this standard whenever there are no existing standards, thus causing confusion among the industry.

The announcement issues requirements from various perspectives, including

  • Production capability, testing capability to ensure food quality and safety;
  • Labeling, as the name of the beverage, shall not be the same as the name of registered special food (health food, FSMP, Infant formula); for plant-based solid beverage, protein solid beverage, flavor solid beverage, probiotic solid beverage shall indicate that “the product cannot replace FSMP, infant formula health food”; the label cannot claim, imply for a specific group, e.g. minors, the elderly, pregnant women, the sick, people at risk or undernourished.

This announcement will have a significant impact on the industry, especially products such as meal replacement, the majority of which are categorized as solid beverages in China.

Relevant products shall strictly follow this announcement and revise the label accordingly.

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