Helping a Small Team Achieve Efficiency, Accuracy, and Cost-Reduction in Monitoring Cosmetics Regulations

Helping A Small Team Achieve Efficiency, Accuracy, And Cost Reduction In Monitoring Cosmetics Regulations

Read the case study to know how a small team with limited resources could monitor cosmetics regulations in an efficient, accurate and cost-effective way.


A small regulatory affairs team with lean resources and headcounts in a cosmetics company was struggling to keep up with the volume and pace of regulatory changes. The team was looking for regulatory intelligence solutions supported by automation and digitization to achieve efficiency, speed, accuracy and cost-reduction in regulatory monitoring.


  • Offered the client access to the RegAlert regulatory intelligence platform, which allowed them to receive a monthly average of 20 alerts related to the subjects of their product categories such as colorants, hair dyes, microplastics, nanomaterials, fragrance, allergens, etc.
  • Engaged local regulatory affairs team and network of experts to monitor regulations that were written in local languages or not accessible online. English summaries of regulatory changes were provided through the RegAlert platform.


RegASK acted as an extension of the client’s in-house regulatory affairs team, saving them hours of time on regulatory research. The client avoided hiring additional employees for this task. The light and easy-to-use platform made regulatory monitoring fast and easy.


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