Italy, First Country in the World, to Ban Synthetic Food and Feed

Italy, First Country In The World, To Ban Synthetic Food And Feed
MASAF, in a press-realease, published the news about the bill on the ban on the production, use, placing on the market and importation of synthetic food and feed, which has been approved in the first reading in the Senate.
Italy is the first nation in the world to ban – as a precaution – the marketing, importation and production of synthetic food.
The provision, presented by the Minister of Agriculture, Sovereignty and Forestry, Francesco Lollobrigida, and promoted by Masaf and the Ministry of Health, contains the vision that the Meloni government intends to spread on the future of the nation. A vision that protects the diversity and characteristics of the territories and the link between food and culture and the ‘made in Italy’ agri-food.
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