New Mandatory Labelling Regulation for Alcoholic Beverages in Japan

Alcohol Wine Bottles And Beer Glass

The Japanese Government makes moves to tackle alcohol addiction within its population by now requiring mandatory information to be labelled on alcoholic beverages, detailing how much alcohol is actually contained in the product in addition to the “alcohol by volume” (ABV) level, which indicates the alcoholic content in grams of the beverage. This is all part of the governments plans to reduce the risk of lifestyle diseases and prevent the adverse side effects of drinking.

Due to the recent popularity of chuhai products containing nearly 10% alcohol, experts have highlighted the risk of people unconsciously consuming large amounts of alcohol. The amount of alcohol in a 500 ml can of beer with 5% ABV translates to 20g, but Japan’s health authorities and other industries have pointed out that the current method of displaying the level of alcohol with percentages alone makes it difficult for consumers to understand exactly how much alcohol they are consuming.

Therefore, the Government has reacted to this and is asking brewers to display the amount of alcohol alongside the ABV level, so consumers are aware of how much alcohol they are consuming.

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