“Often Good Beyond” Was Introduced to the EU Changes to the Rules on Expiration Date of the Food

Best Before Labelling On Can
ANSA published that the EU Commission presented to the experts of the Member States a proposal to amend the rules on the expiration date of the food, with the addition of wording on the label “Often good beyond” in addition to “Best before”.
The change is contained in the draft of the delegated act on which Brussels is at work, which ANSA (Italian press agency) has read. According to the EU executive, the addition is appropriate to reduce food waste, because it allows “a better understanding of the expiration date”, influencing “the decision-making process of consumers regarding the opportunity to consume or eliminate a food”.
According to the draft of the provision, “most consumers do not fully include the distinction between the wordings ‘Use by’ – as a safety indicator – and ‘Best before’ – as a quality indicator”. The European Commission proposes a label that presents the wording “Best before, the date is often good beyond”. The intervention on the expiration date was announced by Brussels in 2020, as part of the Farm To Fork strategy.
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