Public Consultation Launched in China for “Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising”

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On 26 November 2021, the State Administration for Market Regulation of China published the “Measures for the Administration of Internet Advertising”. This clarifies the requirements for publishing internet advertisements in China.

The regulation highlights that:

  • For products or services that are relevant to pharmaceuticals, formula foods for special medical purposes, medical devices, pesticides, veterinary drugs, and health food, the advertisements must be reviewed by the advertising review agency before publishing.
  • If the content of an advertisement that has been examined and passed needs to be changed, it shall reapply for advertisement examination.
  • Media from the internet targeted at minors cannot be used to post advertisements for medical treatment, medicine, health food, medical equipment, cosmetics, alcohol, and beauty.

The public consultation runs until 25 December 2021.

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