Indonesia Amended the Addition of Nutrient and Non-Nutrient Ingredients to Foods

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BPOM issued a revision regulation to add nutrient and non-nutrient ingredients into food. The new Decree is No. 30 Year 2021 will replace BPOM Decree No. HK. Tahun 2011.

The regulation covers:

  • A list of nutrients can be added to foods and their requirements. The nutrient includes oil and fats (DHA, ARA, EPA, etc), carbohydrates (isomaltulose, sucromalt, etc.), dietary fiber (beta-glucan, FOS, GOS, inulin, etc.), protein (caseinate, whey protein, etc.), amino acid (cysteine, threonine, etc.), creatine, L-carnitine, choline, etc.)
  • A list of non-nutrients can be added to foods and their requirements. The non-nutrient include lactic acid, phytosterol, glucosamine, caffeine, isoflavone, etc.
  • Forms to submit a proposal of new nutrient or non-nutrient or new food allowed (Annex II).

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