Successful Registration of New Cosmetic Ingredients in Japan

Successful Registration Of New Cosmetic Ingredients In Japan R2

Read this case study to learn how RegASK’s local regulatory experts helped an international cosmetics company successfully register new cosmetic ingredients in Japan.


An international cosmetics company wanted to market their products in Japan. However, two ingredients required registration and approval by the Japan Cosmetic Industry Association (JCIA) before the products could be sold in Japan. The company needed local experts fluent in Japanese to prepare the application and liaise with authorities.


RegASK offered the client regulatory expertise via its network of local experts, who acted like an extension of the client’s regulatory team, to achieve the following:

  • Prepare application package (i.e. dossier preparation and document compilation)
  • Submit application to JCIA
  • Steward review and Q&A period with JCIA


The client successfully secured registration and approval for the new cosmetic ingredients, paving the way for the product’s route to market.

Additionally, RegASK saved the client time and reduced their need for additional hires.


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