Uruguay Prohibits the Sale of Foods Labeled with Excess Fats and Sugars in Schools

Food With Trans Fat Fop Labelling

Uruguay’s government published Law No. 20,075 “The Accountability and Budget Execution Balance corresponding to the financial year 2021” introduced changes to Article 4 of the Healthy Eating Law (No. 19,140) that prohibits the advertising in educational centers of food and beverages not included in the health list made by the MSP. With this change, in addition to its promotion, the sale of those products is prohibited.

Article 292.- Article 4 of Law No. 19.140 of 11 October 2013 shall be replaced by the following:

  • “Article 4.- The sale, advertising, promotion or sponsorship in educational establishments of those groups of foods and beverages that are not included in the list referred to in article 3 of this law is prohibited.”

This article will come into force as of 1 January 2024.

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