US FDA Approves New Blue Natural Colour Additive

Color Additive Butterfly Pea Flower Blue Powder

On 2 September, the FDA approved a new blue color additive made from butterfly pea flower. The principal coloring components in butterfly pea flower extract are anthocyanins, mainly delphinidin derivatives. The extract also contains flavonols, mainly quercetin and kaempferol derivatives as minor components.

It is now allowed to use in the coloring of alcoholic beverages, sport and energy drinks, flavoured or carbonated water, fruit drinks, chewing gum, teas, ice cream, etc.

Existing natural blue color additives used worldwide mainly comes from sources that include: spirulina extract, gardenia blue, butterfly pea flower extract, galdieria sulphuraria, and Huito fruit. Among them, only spirulina extract (2013) and butterfly pea flower extract (2021) are approved by the FDA to be used in food and beverages on the US market.

This new approval will take effect on 5 October 2021. Contact RegASK to know more about color additives regulation changes.


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