Applying Artificial Intelligence in Regulatory Affairs

Applying Artificial Intelligence In Regulatory Affairs

Discover the emerging applications of AI in a world where increasingly strict regulations make compliance a challenging endeavor. Learn more by clicking the video found below:


Artificial Intelligence”, coined in 1957 by John McCarthy, is having a comeback with advances in computing technology. AI is the driving force behind the fourth industrial revolution, the era of instantaneous information exchange. Neural-network-based technology is useful in a wide variety of applications across industries. AI is leading to the discovery of new drugs and personalized treatments. Machine learning technology is increasing vehicle safety and reducing accidents. AI also plays a major role in the food industry. With the world population increasing to 9.8 billion in 2050, new inventions, efficiencies and methods need to satisfy the increasing global demand for food. In agriculture, algorithms are used to analyze crops and test soil composition. Robots aid workers in sorting, increasing quality, efficiency and food safety. Machine-learning allows companies to test formulations before manufacturing to optimize quality and taste. While populations are increasing, consumers are growing more conscious about the products they purchase. These changing consumer trends are making regulations stricter and compliance more challenging. To alleviate this burden, AI is being applied to the regulatory industry to simplify the compliance process. RegASK is powered by AI to answer regulatory questions and ensure compliance across the FMCG industry. Artificial intelligence is ground-breaking. The technology enables companies to be more efficient and produce safer and healthier products.


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