Argentina: Proposal to Include the Category “Vegetable Drink Preparation”

Lactose Free Milk Nuts Coconut Almond
On April 11, CONAL opened for public consultation a proposal to include the category “vegetable drink preparation” in the Argentine Food Code (CAA). According to the proposal, these products will be legally designated as follows:
  • “Vegetable drink preparation with Y% …” when they contain only one distinctive ingredient, where “Y” corresponds to the percentage of a distinctive ingredient used, filling in the blank with the name of the pulses and/or dried fruits and/or coconut and/or seeds and/or quinoa and/or amaranth and/or amaranth and/or buckwheat and/or cereals and/or the equivalent of their flours, pastes and protein concentrates derived from the above, in characters of equal size, prominence, and visibility.
  • “Vegetable drink preparation mixed with…

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