China: New Requirements for Nucleic Acid Used as a Raw Material in Health Food

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These new requirements list what is required when Nucleic Acid is used as a raw material in health foods and supplements.

The announcement states that when declaring a health food with Nucleic Acid in then you are required to provide declaration materials such as the formula and formula basis, specific ingredient names, source, the content of the nucleic acid used and a test report on the purity of nucleic acid raw material issued by a qualified inspection agency.

It should be noted that the scope of these applications of nucleic acid health foods is temporarily limited to the function of enhancing immunity. It is also not permitted to declare a health food with a single DNA or RNA as raw material and that the product formula must be supplemented with corresponding coordinating substances as mentioned in the announcement.

Currently, harmonised substances are temporarily limited to common foods, nutrients and items with the same medicine and food. Scientific literature is also required to be provided and that the daily recommended consumption of nucleic acid is 0.6-1.2g.

The announcement also lays out requirements for when conducting evaluation tests to establish a high, medium and low dose group.

Nucleic acid can be labelled on food and a health supplement as an effective ingredient, however, all products must NOT be named after “nucleic acid”.

The statement on such foods or health supplements needs to also make the consumer aware that patients with “gout” this type of food or supplement are not suitable for this patient group. This statement must be provided on the label and the instructions of the product.

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