EFSA Carries Out Safety Assessment of Calcium Fructoborate as a Novel Food

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On 5 July 2021, EFSA’s Panel on Nutrition, Novel Foods and Food Allergens (NDA) published its scientific opinion requested by the European Commission on calcium fructoborate as a novel food pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2015/2283.

The novel food is produced by chemical synthesis and contains a maximum of 2.9% of boron and on average 4.7% calcium and 84.2% fructose. The novel food is intended to be used and marketed as a food supplement.

Under the assessment, conditions mimicking the gastrointestinal (GI) environment found that calcium fructoborate was fully hydrolysed in the gut and the Panel also considered boron toxicity relevant for its safety assessment. The Panel considered that there was no concern with respect to genotoxicity of the novel food and that calcium fructoborate, was safe under the proposed uses and use levels.

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