Reviewing Product Formula for Expansion of Gummy Supplement Brand

The Challenge

A large food company is developing benefit-based gummies with unique active ingredients and wish to export them to few countries (Asia and Oceania). RegASK was tasked to assess the feasibility of active ingredients product formulation, identify the optimal claims for every country, and analyze the import requirement.

RegASK was asked to review a wide range of product and checking their formulation compliancy with every country and analyze all the claims possible according to the formulation of the product.

The Approach

RegASK approached the client’s request by implementing the following strategy:

  • 1. Reviewed the product formulation
  • 2. Identified the optimal claims according to the product formulation
  • 3. Identified the most efficient path-to-market and registration process.
  • 4. Analysed the shipping requirements and the import regulation according to the food category
The Result

The company was able to speed up their product development process and have a better overview of the supplements and health food regulation in Asia and Oceania.

Fast turnaround. Expert Guidance. Cost efficiency.

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