Reviewing Product Formula for Expansion of Gummy Supplement Brand

The Challenge

A large food company is developing benefit-based gummies with unique active ingredients and wished to export them to few countries in Asia Pacific. 

RegASK was tasked to check the formulation compliance for a wide range of product in several markets and identify the best possible claims for every market. 

The Approach

RegASK approached the client’s request by implementing the following strategy:

  • 1. Reviewed the product for formulation compliance in each market and proposed any needed changes to the product’s ingredients
  • 2. Analysed the claim requirements for each market and recommended the best options
  • 3. Identified the most efficient registration and import process for each country
The Result

The company was able to speed up their product development process and have a better overview of the supplements and health food regulation in Asia and Oceania.

Fast turnaround. Expert Guidance. Cost efficiency.

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