Australia Allowed Addition of 2′-FL and LNnT into Infant Formula

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FSANZ Published Amendment of 198 of Food Standards Gazette. The document highlights the following permissions:

– The voluntary addition of 2’FL (2’‑O‑fucosyllactose) alone or in combination with LNnT (Lacto-N-neotetraose).
2’FL and LNnT are oligosaccharides, produced by microbial fermentation using genetically modified bacteria. In Australia and New Zealand, they are allowed to add to infant formulas but not formulated supplementary foods for young children.

The oligosaccharides pose no health and safety risks to infants, are naturally found in breast milk and enable the composition of infant formulas to be more closely aligned to breast milk.

– The authorization of Soy Leghemoglobin in meat analogue products.
FSANZ considered the soy leghemoglobin, raised no public health and safety concerns associated with its use in meat analogue products at the proposed maximum level of 0.8% soy leghemoglobin in raw product.

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