China: 2′ -fucose lactose,Inositol, d-ribose Approved as Nutrition Fortifier

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On 21st Oct, China National Center for Food Safety Risk Assessment issued several food additives and nutrition fortifier approval.

  • The new additive includes Quinoline aluminium lake (C18H9NNa2O8S2), β-fructofuranosidase, Lactase, Phytase. Besides the applicable food category of the other two additives, Magnesium chloride and lutein are extended.
  • Polyacrylamide as a processing aid, the applicable category is also extended.
  • 2′ -fucose lactose is approved as a nutrition fortifier and can be used in formulated milk. Inositol, d-ribose approved as a nutrition fortifier. Vitamin K2 as a nutrition fortifier, its applicable food category extended.

It is suggested that food additive and nutrition fortifier manufacturers for the above ones shall pay attention to the details since the specific technical requirement and testing method are included, it is a good window to feedback to CFSA if any comments. For finished good manufactures can follow up these standards closely and prepare the innovative products in advance.

The deadline for comment is 18 Nov.

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