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How RegASK can help you thrive in a world of ever-changing rules

In the labyrinthine world of food regulatory affairs, a misstep can spell disaster. RegASK provides the compass and map your business needs to navigate the ever-shifting regulatory landscape with confidence.

The global food regulatory environment is a complex and dynamic ecosystem, teeming with a bewildering array of rules, regulations, and standards. For businesses of all sizes, staying compliant can be a daunting task, fraught with potential pitfalls and hidden costs. RegASK, a leading provider of regulatory intelligence and compliance solutions, offers a powerful suite of AI enhanced tools and services designed to help businesses navigate this complex landscape with precision and ease.


Detect with RegAlert

Anticipate regulatory trends and changes with intelligent monitoring and alerts.

RegAlert: Stay ahead of the curve with real-time alerts and insights on regulatory changes that impact the pharmaceutical industry.

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Comply with Ask RegASK

Be confident that your product is compliant.

Ask RegASK: Access a team of experienced regulatory experts who can answer your questions and provide guidance on complex compliance issues.

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Strategize with RegInsight

Global strategies for products and category development.

RegInsight: Gain a deeper understanding of the regulatory landscape with comprehensive reports and analyses tailored to your specific needs.

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RegASK CEO Caroline Shleifer discusses the challenge of entering new markets.

Meet our customers

Miro Smriga Ajinomoto

“We have relied on RegAsk because of their responsiveness, speed and flexibility. They reply quickly to our inquiries. If we need something we can turn to them.”

Miro Smriga
Global Director of Regulatory and Scientific Affairs

Beatrice Guelet NAOS

“We have worked with RegAsk on several specific projects which enabled us to clarify internally certain choices we needed to make based on different levels of regulatory risk across countries. This provided an important framework to structure our strategic thinking.”

Béatrice Guelet
International Regulatory Affairs Manager

“RegAsk helped me deep dive into several Asian markets with beauty devices/skincare. This saved me 20+ hours of research and freed me to complete other projects. We had great success in registering our China skincare also. Just wonderful to work with and it is a real partnership!”

Danielle Barker Fernandes
Senior Manager R&D / R.A.

Dandan Chen

“RegASK have good scope. Whenever I ask them to do work, they have someone in that market to do it. Their speed to delivery is also very good.”

Dandan Chen
Group Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs
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