Revision of ‘Food Labeling Standards’ Open for Comment in South Korea

Food Labelling On Can

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS) of South Korea has issued draft revisions of the ‘Food Labeling Standards’. Deadline for public comment is 26 July, 2021. The main changes are as follows:

– Modification of some words and sentences in the section on date labeling of beverages.

– Improvement of the food categories of special nutritious foods, alcohol, dairy products, and instant foods, and additional food labeling items such as special medical purposes.

– Additional labeling requirements, for example, around the number of lactic acid bacteria for biscuits, candies, ice cream products, which added lactic acid bacteria to the product during the production process.

– Improvement of the labeling mechanism for non-alcoholic food, to make it easier for consumers to confirm alcohol content.

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