Spain’s AESAN Calls for Regulatory Clarity on Energy Drink Formulation

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Spain’s Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition (AESAN) has reiterated its advice to consumers on the need to reduce energy drink consumption, particularly among young people and minors in the population due to the effect of certain ingredients in the beverages such as caffeine, and how these impact individuals sleep and cardiovascular systems.

AESAN published a report which showed the growing trend in the consumption of these beverages, particularly in young people. AESAN concluded from the report they were keen to work with the food industry, in order for consumer information to be provided and included on the labelling of energy drinks, this labelling should feature all active ingredients but also their content in order for consumers to make informed decisions when choosing a energy drink beverage.

The report also noted that AESAN were keen for greater control on the advertising of these products especially to susceptible population groups. The report overall details the health effects and concerns of consuming energy based beverages, concluding that the effects of certain ingredients is well established in the scientific literature, including lower quality of sleep, sensitivity to caffeine, nervousness, irritability and anxiety for regular consumers. The report also raised concerns around the effects of these beverages on individuals cardiovascular systems and potential for hypervitaminosis with beverages that are fortified with high levels of particular vitamins.

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